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" . . . a vocalist and arranger who seems as assured of his playful strengths as David Byrne in his prime. You can actually hear fun happening all over this disc . . . a rough-house bitch slap on chugging indie pop." - Chris Estey, Three Imaginary Girls.

". . . stands out . . . his self-released debut album captures a freewheeling, lo-fi eccentricity that may remind some of pre-Geffen Beck or a more hyper, unpredictable Folk Implosion. Everything is slightly off, and to that I say, 'Right on.' "- Dave Segal, The Stranger, Seattle.

" . . . infuriatingly frictionless sound." - My Old Kentucky Blog

"If Napoleon Dynamite hadn't danced to Jamiroquai, he would have danced to this." - Tizzy Asher, Seattle Post

As one of the founding members of Beep Repaired in Seattle and singer of the psychedelic pop bands Wimbledon and PlentyFace Earl was instrumental in the blossoming of the DIY art and music scene there and was named one of the cities top ten DIY artists of 2005 (Seattle PI). The following year he moved to his current home in Brooklyn, New York, to front Oars and tour as bass/guitar player for the rock band Iran. He enjoyed residency at the infamous Zebulon Concert Cafe while playing shows with Grimes, Destroyer, Kimya Dawson, Kyp Malone, Shahzad Ismaily, The Hold Steady, Suckers, Pure Horse Hair, Dengue Fever, and others.

Muehlenbach's music can be found on dozens of digital music providers in the bands Oars, Wilds, Plentyface, and Wimbledon.

oars.bandcamp.com - Download the "New Gravity" maxi single free by 'buying' for $0.